I Paid A Pound (Plus P&P)

Richard Herring has embarked on a new web TV series called, 

"Richard Herring's Meaning of Life" (RHMOL (rhmol))

You can find out more at Go Faster Stripe.

He has come up with a unique, time-consuming and perhaps, ultimately disastrous,
funding system which includes badges and so actually it is excellent and will totally

Here is Richard, full of confidence and optimism, explaining things:

We await the day when capitalism collapses and this new badge currency system
takes hold. We'll come after all Bitcoin-using, fantasy role-players first.
Sorry, Pembury Tavern.

To recap: Enjoy and support Richard's new web TV series.
Richard Herring's Leicester Square Podcast has also returned with Adam Buxton
guesting, so lots of good stuff to watch/listen to.

The Wedding Present

If you approached teenage me at the above gig and told me that decades later I'd
be making The Wedding Present badges I'd probably react the way most people do
when they find out what I do for a living - "You make badges? That's a job?" After that
I would be confused and excited.

And if you do see past-me, tell him that, when an attractive woman shows
an interest, don't make one of the first things that comes out of your mouth an
inquiry about her age and when you're told, "Twenty three", don't respond,
"Wow! I'm only sixteen!".


Feminists on the Titanic

The making for, and the listening to, Bridget Christie has inspired us to recreate some
feminist icons in badge form, including Bridget's hero, Mary Wollstonecraft, one of the first Stoke
Newington hipsters.
Take a moment to check out all our current feminist designs.

Even though, as Gareth Sen points out in the comments to this youtube clip:
Where are all the feminists on a sinking ship when the Captain yells, "Women and children first!"?
Yeah, THANKS, Gareth.

As well as having a noble cause, early campaigners for women's rights were also
big on badgewearing, which, let's face it, is just as important. Although, as you can
see above, the anti-suffrage movement had their own, frankly rubbish, attempt.
Maybe Gareth designed it.

Pre-Internet Social Media

Ham Radio

Imagine if, instead of hoping for the occasional

effortless 'like' or retweet, people you stumbled

upon online went to the trouble of sending you

a postcard?



The design work put into some of these QSL cards suggests people had a lot more

time on their hands before the days of add/block/RT/like/*take selfie*.

Unsurprisingly, Soviet-era Russia and it's satellites made the effort to represent themselves

well. The only downside being the budget collectivist system of gathering up all cards in a

central depot before posting them on six months later. You might have forgotten ever talking

to Yuri by then.

A big thank you to our friend Alan Dimmick for

a loan of these QSL cards from his father's collection.


We salute you, Alfred Dimmick (GM4FVQ), for services 

to ham radio and badge inspiration.

You can find Comrade Lenin among our new designs.

Staring at this for more than 30 seconds will turn you

into a communist.




You Make Me Want To Uke

One of the pleasures of this job is building up longstanding relationships with people and doing our bit to help them grow in whatever mutated Japanese knotweed-like way they see fit.
Not to bang on about our close friendship with Stewart Lee but he did get back on tv after years in the wilderness after using our services. Coincidence? Well yes but a coincidence with some really great badges on it's lapel.

We first knew Gus Raucous while he was in Edinburgh beat combo The Kaisers but he has since turned his back on the futuristic, electrified sound of 1962 and downsized to the ukulele. 

His success has even led to a recent trip to Japan. In our own deluded way we like to think our design work has contributed to some of those air-miles. We are wrong in this assumption. Here is our poster on a Japanese wall:

Sometimes Gus is with Fin. Here is Gus with Fin:

Now, we're aware that the ukulele is a contentious instrument among some people, who feel it's faddish, hipster day has passed. We of course can't agree with that and to show our continued support to the tiny-guitar subculture, we've designed a badge which clearly states our approval.

Yes, that's what it says.

You can commemorate the Kaisers and all things Gus-related on our Music Page.