I Paid A Pound (Plus P&P)

Richard Herring has embarked on a new web TV series called, 

"Richard Herring's Meaning of Life" (RHMOL (rhmol))

You can find out more at Go Faster Stripe.

He has come up with a unique, time-consuming and perhaps, ultimately disastrous,
funding system which includes badges and so actually it is excellent and will totally

Here is Richard, full of confidence and optimism, explaining things:

We await the day when capitalism collapses and this new badge currency system
takes hold. We'll come after all Bitcoin-using, fantasy role-players first.
Sorry, Pembury Tavern.

To recap: Enjoy and support Richard's new web TV series.
Richard Herring's Leicester Square Podcast has also returned with Adam Buxton
guesting, so lots of good stuff to watch/listen to.