You Make Me Want To Uke

One of the pleasures of this job is building up longstanding relationships with people and doing our bit to help them grow in whatever mutated Japanese knotweed-like way they see fit.
Not to bang on about our close friendship with Stewart Lee but he did get back on tv after years in the wilderness after using our services. Coincidence? Well yes but a coincidence with some really great badges on it's lapel.

We first knew Gus Raucous while he was in Edinburgh beat combo The Kaisers but he has since turned his back on the futuristic, electrified sound of 1962 and downsized to the ukulele. 

His success has even led to a recent trip to Japan. In our own deluded way we like to think our design work has contributed to some of those air-miles. We are wrong in this assumption. Here is our poster on a Japanese wall:

Sometimes Gus is with Fin. Here is Gus with Fin:

Now, we're aware that the ukulele is a contentious instrument among some people, who feel it's faddish, hipster day has passed. We of course can't agree with that and to show our continued support to the tiny-guitar subculture, we've designed a badge which clearly states our approval.

Yes, that's what it says.

You can commemorate the Kaisers and all things Gus-related on our Music Page.