Pre-Internet Social Media

Ham Radio

Imagine if, instead of hoping for the occasional

effortless 'like' or retweet, people you stumbled

upon online went to the trouble of sending you

a postcard?



The design work put into some of these QSL cards suggests people had a lot more

time on their hands before the days of add/block/RT/like/*take selfie*.

Unsurprisingly, Soviet-era Russia and it's satellites made the effort to represent themselves

well. The only downside being the budget collectivist system of gathering up all cards in a

central depot before posting them on six months later. You might have forgotten ever talking

to Yuri by then.

A big thank you to our friend Alan Dimmick for

a loan of these QSL cards from his father's collection.


We salute you, Alfred Dimmick (GM4FVQ), for services 

to ham radio and badge inspiration.

You can find Comrade Lenin among our new designs.

Staring at this for more than 30 seconds will turn you

into a communist.