Design Oblongata

Occasionally we have the urge to break free from the constraints of our normal one-inch world to do something bigger or even non-circular.

We did this poster for a friend's gig last year.


Don't expect jokes.


Stewart Lee has fallen greatly since I witnessed him at the Glasgow Pavilion at the height of his ‘Fist of Fun’ series with Richard Herring. Even then the hall was only a quarter full but we all moved down the front for what then became a more cosy, intimate performance as a slightly bemused Lee & Herring took out their resentment incorrectly on the people who had bothered to turn up. They didn’t really, it was great. The highlight didn’t even centre on Lee. It was Kevin Eldon as the Real Rod Hull as Ice-T. It’s hard to describe the true enormity of the spectacle but seeing the ‘normal’ Rod Hull performance could be useful for starters.


So, imagine that character - Ginger afro, prosthetic chin, squeaky voice and limp, false arm - with black-face make-up and shades, rapping. Maybe you had to be there. Few were. 

I couldn’t have known back then that I’d one day be embroiled in an abusive relationship with Lee. Having him e-mail days before his Edinburgh Festival appearances with demands for badge designs that will impress various ladies or mock his foes.

His wearing of our Mark E Smith design in the Guardian saw a 0.001% spiked increase in badge sales. Probably.
You can peruse Stew's badges here.