Nasty, Brutish and Short(cake) 25mm Badge

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 In his work of 1651, Leviathan, philosopher Thomas Hobbes warned that without strong, fair government, the life of man would be, "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short."

For reasons we cannot explain, we spent far too long bringing to life a tub of Thomas Hobbes's Ben & Jerry's ice cream (as one of our badges).

We have no business plan but these things please us.

One of our extensive range of slogan badges.

 All Big Wow badges are our own original designs, from scratch or utilising vintage imagery. You won't find them on any other site (unless they've nicked them!). Our button badges are printed and hand-made by us, not the cheap, mass-produced, factory type.

Badges are 25mm across (roughly one inch) unless otherwise stated, but we also have the facilities to make 38mm and 55mm badges.

If you don't see the designs you want or are looking to get your own button badges made, in 25mm, 38mm or 55mm sizes, go to the Your Badges section. Please feel free to Contact Us as we can help with getting any of your badge ideas turned into a reality.

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